A Few Workflow Ideas

Newbie here, sorry if any of these are already possible or implemented with a tool I haven’t seen(I checked the tools page earlier but I’m not aware of absolutely everything in the forums)

  • Allow saving ‘more’ button status from DSP list to the F1-F8 GUI presets so you can have the expanded DSP list with a single button press(like the disk browser)

  • Custom initialize state for plugins(particularly useful for plugins that don’t actually load in their initialize/blank patch normally)

  • More mouse wheel use
    —Hover over faders and use mouse wheel to move
    —Hover over EQ5/10 nodes and use mouse wheel to adjust band width

  • modifier for fine adjustments

Hold left ctrl?

+1 - and also for native devices please :)

you can use right mouse button for that (+ctrl to be more )