A Free Compressor.

Found this today, it seems to work pretty well.

I don’t know how good that one is, but this one from Fxpansion is soo gooood!!! Ooh, I wish I didn’t have so much stuff on my list of gizmos to purchase, and software that has upgrades coming do…

I’d totally buy that Fxpansion dynamics pack… check out their free compressor, its a model of an SSL or something, and it sounds great!!!

@ esp81

After downloading the TDR Feedback Comp, and checking it out… I have to agree… It is really nice… Its got some cool features and stuff.

@ spktkpkt

haha, cool. glad you like

Cheers All

It has a nice interface, and I’m really liking the dry mix knob.

this is one is also really nice , go check out gearslutz for comments
And no it’s not your stock synthedit/synthmaker plugin