A 'jamming'lock / Complete Song 'forcer'

how about this, you can turn it on (whatever name it might have) and if Renoise detects you’ve been jamming for over a set period of time (half an hour seems like enough to me), or hasn’t detected any patturn seqencing going on it shuts Renoise down WITHOUT saving, … harsh I know but it would defently stop you from wasting time jamming.

I can see your angle, but I disagree. I often jam guitar/voice with a tune for 30 minutes or long, finding melodic angles, dynamic placements and overall moods. It’s up to my discipline to decide what I want from that and then lay it down. If the process repeats itself without resolve for years, then so be it. Song have to emerge naturally, or not at all.

you could hire someone to hit you every time you started looking unproductive.

I’d love to be paid to hit someone, well as long as you don’t hit back that is :P

unpaid internship is the word.

So let me get this straight… alexstrain is going to hit happy milkshake man for free whenever he looks unproductive? YOUTUBE THIS PLZ

alarm clock ?

Time bomb?

Ha, this is actually a good idea.

I think anything that forces you to think in different ways is good.


how about giving yourself time tables to do the different tasks for the
track. 1 hour IDEA work. 1 hour Construction. 50 hours re arranging.
or something. Computer Music Magazine stressed this
some time back in an article. in the tutorial how to produce a
track i think. i tried this some times, but in the end i just
gave up after some hours jamming.

my theory is that people are very different in theyr construction,
and needs specially suited ways to reach the same goal.