A Job Well Done!

renoise team!

congratulations on a job very well done with 1.5. it seems to be ultra stable now and i have not noticed any glitches or bad behavior. all the new features were very much welcome, so i feel that i got my moneys worth plus plus plus!!

as i see it there are only three things i miss now… and those are in order of importance:

  1. the ability to use multiple outs on a VSTi. this is standard on ALL other sequencers and a MUST for renoise.
  2. audio recording.
  3. higher resolution in the sequencer.

once again, thanks for all your great work! its very much appreciated :)


Thanks for the comments.

Everyone has its own 3 "must have"s, so I think the best will be if we make a new WIP after the 1.5 release is done, to see whats most wanted.

Great idea! Waitng 4 this impatiently :w00t:

  • my GIANT greetings 2 renoise team! 1.5 is superb!
    Thanx again guys! You make our live sensible.

p.s. few days ago when my beta was timed out - i start my 1.27… And i can’t work there ! Cause differense is really huge, not only in UI.
Long Live Renoise! :yeah:

my three must have’s:

  • a new WIP page
  • a new WIP page
  • a new WIP page


yes It, a new WIP page is all we need!

What i miss most right now is pitch automation in tracks :)

I second the multiple outs for vsti

Renoise, when compared to other trackers, already is “the perfect tracker”. It blows ALL the competition away. :)

what can I say else?


What is WIP ? :unsure:

WIP = Work In Progress. The topic of discussion is a new polls page (or updated polls) so we can vote for the future of Renoise after v1.5…

Elmer Fudd reading an epitaph…

Add another love letter to renoise.

My music making days started with SIDPlayer on the C64. I followed through to the Amiga to Med then Octamed. Finally, the one sequencer I was able to be productive with was Studio Vision Pro. And that was because it had a perfect drum editor that worked in a way similar to a tracker - although the fact that I couldn’t use a keyboard to do most things pissed me off.

Anyway, I have been in a rut and kind of resigned that, if I have to use anything, it’s gonna be reason. Even though I hate the sequencer in it. Some parts of it are great (like the NN-XT) but for the most part I just don’t flow with it. WAY too much mousing around.

Then 2 days ago, I stumble on REnoise. I can’t even remember how I stumbled on it. Because I have OS X I was looking around for some software and just saw it mentioned. I had no idea it even existed which is strange because I have been a tracker for so long. I guess I had just given up on them and figured no one was going to truly modernize the tracker.

Renoise HAS modernized the tracker and innovated in ways I never thought possible. The ideas and willingness to listen by the developers sealed the deal.

You will get my money and it will be a steal for me.

I really really hope that the tracker types (new and old) will be able to support this program as it develops and keeps up with current technology and continues to evolve the tracker interface which is unequaled in it’s “hands on” feel.

So many good things have been said in this thread. For me it comes down to, the computer to me IS my instrument. It is not an ‘interface’ or ‘tool’ to create music with ‘real’ representations of instruments. It IS the instrument and I play it.