A Kind-of Gamey Instrumental

This song has not been completed yet–started it mid yesterday, but I thought I’d share it with 'yall… I don’t think I’ve made a song that takes from c64 styles quite as much before–some Rob Hubbard and Johannes Bjerregard…


This song has given me a great idea. Over the next several months, I will be putting together a theme album. Until I have the elements of it set in stone, I’m not going to mention much about the exact concepts except the generalization that it is Sci-Fi, and this song will be part of the main theme.

Some of the things I’m stuck at right now is whether to make a lot of the dialog sung like the equivalent of a rock opera but electronic, or whether much of the dialog would be at quieter parts of the songs and stuck into the mix in a similar way as the Blade Runner soundtrack–a few phrases mixed/compressed like movie dialog, giving the main gist of what the scene is, and letting the music do the rest. I could also do both, which is where I think I’m most likely going to go.

I can also say this–every person represented has a theme, and every situation will have a theme, and the main theme will occasionally get used throughout.

Can you tell that my marijuana sobriety ended recently?


defnitly beautiful gamey if it is gamey. hmm
i like your ideas man, defnitly something you should do-)
go with it


Are you Wendy Carlos? Seriously… you need to get a little darker/dramatic and you’d be there if you wanted to.

Awsome stuff, nice 80s sci-fi feel

Thanks everyone. :)

DDtMM, Wendy Carlos is one of my music idols. :) It would be interesting to try something even more in that vein.