A Laidback Guitar Song...

This one is quite close to what I had in mind.
Its quite short but I wrote this in a few hours which is kind of a record for me.
Since I usually keep working at the same song for very long time.
Its amazing what a bit of love and summer can do with you.

I need to rework the guitars and some small stuff but its still one of my better songs.


It will only be up for a week and 100 downloads so hurry ;)

really nice laid back atmosphere here. so you played the guitar yourself?
i like it :D

Very nice dynamics in the piano splajn. Great bass. The whole track is great. Only thing I have to remark on is maybe trying to get the string changes a bit more subtle (i.e. with volume swells/crossfades, portamento or something), or not have the strings change so much. You might get the string section to flow a bit more, even when it’s that active. Noticed it most from 1:30 and out. Please post it after you’ve reworked the guitar. :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

The guitar is not me playing a real guitar.
Its a guitar vst I played with midikeyboard and then just fixed a bit. But in a far future it will be changed to make it more intressting, I have to little time right now.

I have been thinking the same about the strings then decided to leave them. But if you think the same I will probably rework them too if I make a final version.

Really nice! LIke it alot :)

What kind of VST was it that you used?


Thanks :)

I used a guitar from Edirol superquartet with a slayer 2 vst effect on it. Though it would sometimes sound better if I used realguitar instead. But I only have 512 meg ram and a slow computer atthlon 1900+ so I have a really hard time loading that song into memory and running it with realguitar.

So once I´m finished with assembeling my new computer I´ll update the song.

Btw the musician at my work who makes all our mobilegame tunes it used to be me but he is a incredibly skilled composer and guitar player. He thought the guitar sound was not that good.

So I don’t know if I´d recommend it.