A List Of Vst Instruments That Work With Renoise

Is there a list of VSTs that work with Renoise?
If not, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have one?


i think there is no list … maybe it’s a task for the community …

but if you want to know which VST/VSTi are working please better ask which VST/VSTi are working not B)

Most work, don’t they? :) Rarely seen any quarrels between VST and Renoise.

well…better make a list of vsts that dont work ! :) coz most of em do work.

stuff that dont work in renoise :

-coldcutter (no sound)
-mj multiband compressor (crashes/locks)
-nubi (crashes/locks)

most of teh plugz that didnt work got deleted so i dont have allot that dont work…when i find some more ill add to list.


I would add LinPlug LM-IV (a drum machine) which has serious problems in ReNoise, but believ eme: you can really survive to this :)

Native Instruments Reaktor 3 also had problems, while Reaktor 4 works well.

LoungeLizard 1.0 has no GUI in ReNoise, but v.1v01 fixed this.

Can’t remember any other now

I can add SuperStereo to the list. It occasionally mutes the output of Renoise, that can only be fixed by removing the plugin from the chain. When you hit play/stop there’s a loud pop while the volume indicators at the top of the screen show max volume constantly.

I’ve got this problem many times… and not with SuperStereo cause I don’t have that one. Actually I don’t think it’s related to a specific VST(i).

same problem here.

Little question:

Did someone managed to automate this plugin? (via vstiautomatedevice or midi cc?) I can´t get it working after all <_<

well, most of my plug-ins did work back in 2.61 - unfortunately they do not in 2.81.

Chainer doesn’t work.

Phatmatik Pro doesn’t play in Renoise (rendering it largely useless in it).