A little bit of grunting as promised :)

Hello fellows.

As promised few months ago here’s my grunting!
At last I wrote some lyrics and tried to record them using my cheap dynamic microphone almost without putting any effects on vocals.
Still it’s just a sketch. The lyrics are too short - I need to write at least one more verse.


I know my clean voice is pretty weak, sorry for that, I should use some melodyne in future :D

I would like someone experienced to help me to make it sound really good and interesting (except searching for the good singer :D). It could be an advise or even a collaborative help that will allow to achieve the result I couldn’t reach by myself.

Your opinion is very important to me so please even if you don’t like it say that you don’t like it and why.


Love it. Adding vocals gives the song more depth. I think your voice is pretty much up to par. Rock on!

Not bad for a stick figure, actually pretty good. :yeah:
It’s a long time since i listened to Machine Head and Korn and such, but to me this sounds pretty much like that.
I think you have a good voice and vocal skills, but you could mix the vocals a bit better in the track at some points. Maybe it would sound cool to layer the clean voice (multiple voice tracks on top of each other) perhaps? I don’t know, just an idea. :)

Thank you both for good words :)

Yep, you’re right. I was too lazy that night to record double tracks on verses but I definitely should. It should have more depth. I was even thinking to add a widely panned whisper at the background…

I will keep working on it.
Thank you guys!

Awesome! Your grunting especially sounds terrific, good stuff.

Better than i’d expect from any of these day’s bands. rock on!

Oh, this is good indeed! :)