A Little Dubstep Remix

I noticed alot of topics in the tips and tricks section of the renoise forums about dubstep, Personally its not my bag but never the less I wanted to try my hand at it and came up with this little idea for a track. The track was made a few months ago now but i thought id share it anyhows.

Theres a link on the video 2 download the track aswell.

Nothing serious of course.

Are you part of the GASH Collective soundsystem? Or is name and location and coincidence?

Quite a nice start to a tune (at 1:30ish don’t really feel it’s complete and obviously get no idea of progression.) Can see it going down pretty well if dropped on the floor though. People always like something they recognise ;)

Hahaha ive been asked that a few times! I got nothing to do with the gashcollective altho I will admit they have thrown some awesome parties/raves in the past! I had the nick name since I was little thats all.

Cheers for ur feed back btw! Are you a fellow manc?

Nah I’m a Londoner for the last many years and before that from Herefordshire/Bristol. Know a few people from up that way and at the end of the day the party scene is pretty small to be honest.