A Little Hell For All Of Y'all


Produced at airports and planes on shit headphones, so sound suffers. But i think it’s still a hilarious track. glowsticks

Tell me what you think :)

oh shit. OHHH SHIT! You are late. Ruuun to the gate, ruuun, you are late, stash the dope, RUUUUUN, you are not sure you’re gonna make it! run run run, there’s the… Gate closed. calming down… bugger

Which is a good thing, or else you would’ve ended up on next episode of lost. :wacko:

Nice one. :)

love it!

Delicious use of hoover and pornopiano.

hyperhyperhyperhyper nice.

Saved to: \fileserver\Entertainment\Music\Hardcore\Sunjammer-(Airports).mp3

Love the skipped-out beat too and the random panning oneshots & buzzy stuffs.

*martyfmelb rolls

Am I right in thinking your tracks have become more upbeat over the years?

I SOOOOO want to dance to this. Not quite sure about the ending, though, but I’ll need to listen to it for some time before I agree with myself.

I agree about the ending. I’ll probably do another couple of iterations of that one. It’s so bloody hard to FINISH something in terms of flow.

nice one!

good stuff man - dark rave all the way

Love the track! … and I often find with endings, it’s best to break the flow :D

I’m usually not a fan of stuff like this, but i like this song!

The slower section has a nice groove to it, where the menace can strut its stuff properly. There are some nice tight edits here an there in this that are inviting.

For me, there’s too much stasis in the sound of the electronic drums, too machine like. My ears grow tired by the end. Everything percussive above 1k needs some sort of ‘talk’ in it, rather than drilldrilldrill.

Musicially it doesn’t move me much, but it’s an interesting space, some sort of industrial porn nightmare. Would I like to revisit that place? Probably not. But seeing that this is well done and people like it is has been ReSelekted.