A little offtopic, but best place to upload renoise music/renders with reference to Soundcloud

I have uploaded many tracks I have made through renoise to Soundcloud. Often I find that the way the sound is compressed on Soundcloud creates weird artifacts in my track that did not exist in Renoise, or the rendered .wav. I know this is an issue in many ways outside of Renoise, and is related to mastering a track in general, but does anyone have a suggestion for the best place to upload your tracks that does not create the same artifacts as Soundcloud? If I could just upload full quality .wav files I suspect the artifacts would not appear. I am not trying to advertise my music but my soundcloud is Stream bassfrienderz music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud and all tracks have been made in renoise.

Just as a reference for what I mean, 2.04-2.20 of Stream In The Style Of The Time by bassfrienderz | Listen online for free on SoundCloud . There are artifacts that appear in the track in this time frame, for example, that in no way exist in the .wav file. I suspect some other websites such as bandcamp may not suffer the same compression issues, but I do not honestly know. Interested in any opinions on this general issue with uploading renoise tracks to the net. I know youtube is of course another option. Thank you.

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Bandcamp offers downloads in assorted formats, including lossless (wav, flac) that should have no artifacts.

I’m pretty sure a BC artist account is free. However, I do not know what process BC uses when someone listens to a track via the site. I assume some sort of streaming compressing is used.

Worth a shot. You might even make a few bucks. : )

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Bandcamp’s streaming quality is 128 kbps, similar to Soundcloud.

There’s also Audio.com, but I don’t know what their streaming quality is. I presume it’s the same, streaming .wav files is not very common.

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Yes, as you already mentioned artifacts on Soundcloud are caused by bad mastering or no mastering. I faced the same issue 12-15 years ago when I’ve never mastered my tracks, even though the mixes were quite good. Somtimes you could even hear these artifacts while playing your track through a common player just like WinAmp. It pissed me off, so I started to deal with mastering. If you want to release things on Soundcloud you need a proper master or you could also upload tracks with a decreased volume. Forget about streaming wave files, there is no such place. If you’re not happy with Soundcloud you could try Audius, which has a streaming quality of 320 kbps. Or you could try Metapop. I can’t tell you more because I never used one of them and I probably never will, but in this forum are quite a few Renoisers who are using the services of these websites.


Streaming platforms modify dynamics

“Mastering engineer” is a work


Thank you all for the comments and suggestions. I know part of it is I gotta lift my mastering game. The above posted app looks interesting.

I recently discovered a nice streaming platform that promises to pay creators in crypto for plays. Seems as nice a place as any to put your work online, and there are some genuinely good creators on there to explore : Audius