A little text input field in SongProperties

I could use it to type in midi hardware settings, and other stuff to help you setup the midi gear correct, when loaded in the future after the instruments have been overwritten.
Also some people like to type in greetings an such, and there is room left for it ;)

Hmm… Wasn’t this is Noisetrekker and got removed in Renoise?

This is a request made by many, but have for some reason not appeared much on the board! :huh:

The question must be, where should it be put? I vote for either in the songproperties or (my pref.) up by the scopes, like an extra button next to trackscopes/stereoscopes etc. Think there would be the most room up there.

there is enough room in the songproperties (were it was in noisetracker3). I simply removed it once before a release, because it was buggy so it wont be that big job to fix the problems and reenable it again …