A Little Thank You

I just had a “tooldownloadathon”…
thank you :slight_smile:

new tools and new renoise releases feels like xmas every time (=

Its like adding extra heads to my MIDI Dildo everytime!!!

Just saw this and it rules so much, pre-hearing samples via Selected Track’s TrackDSPs That’s so hot.

where did you get the quote samples? shame i cant tell what ones your listening too.
i noticed porn rewired from reaper sounds brilliant with renoise’s chorus, i can knock one off while pretending to be underwater!!!

Sampled them by hand via SoundFlower… Which is probably why I made sure the filenames don’t show ;)

i’ll have to try this someday.

I’ve been watching almost all of my films through two Yohng’s W1 limiters to keep the dialogue audible and the explosions from making me deaf. It’s very cool :)

ahhhh, sneaky. osx has great in-built routing capabilities that sindows just lacks, sometimes i leave audacity recording in the background when watching vids, just incase.:slight_smile:

its a lot safer than doing it for real, you dont need a rebreather.

Yeah, I’ve been super-extra-happy with IAC (any amount of virtual midiports you want) and the Midi&Audio Setup possibilities. Very glad.

Do you have the new OSC controlled Vibro-Pants yet?,iiimmmm aaccctttuuaalllyyy hhhaaavvviinnnggg tttrrrooouubbbllleee wwwrriiitttiiinnggg ttthhhiiissss.

Sorry, have never used OSC for anything

Really? so youve never used the OSC Nipple-Teasers, i have them synced up with my android phone for pleasure on the move, wouldnt leave home without them now.

You all sure Ceiling Cat isn’t watching you musicating? :D

ceiling cat is freaking me out…

I’m freaking ceiling cat out…

Then who’s freakin’ you out?

How can I do this? I’ve been looking for a Media player with vst support since I learned what a limiter was, but none seem to exist for Windows 7. If I can run the sound through Renoise that would be amazing.

I would say he’s on Mac, not Windows.


Easy with Linux running Jack and I hear Mac’s routing is similarly powerful. Maybe even possible with Windows if your soundcard support the “Record What You Hear” feature although not ever tried it…

If you have Record-What-You-Hear (I remember loving this feature with the SB Live back in 2000) then you are sorted. I use SoundFlower on OSX - some would use Jack on OSX - and what Kazakore said.