A little track by a few Renoise artists ;)


So… this was originally done by myself in ‘Nitrotracker’ on the Nintendo DS and remixed by Duane ‘Starpilot’ in Renoise. At this time I was doing a local ‘pop up arcade’ concept show where we had lots of cutting edge showcase’s of local and not so local dev’s Works. We had displayed the Winnitron and brought in artists like Starpilot to fuck up the crowd with LSDJ live :wink:
I started a friendship with Duane (Starpilot) and made a local FM radio show some of you have even graced my airwaves - had an interview with Suva lol! (local only? Fuck that I used it to promote Renoise artists hehehehe!) called ‘Printed Circuit Radio’ on CKUW 95.9FM in Winnipeg.

It was this era I dabbled a lot in ‘Chipcore’ (man was I hated at some shows, got told off by this chick at ‘Nuit Blanche’ that my music sucks just after her b/f approached and asked what kinda music it was lol!!!) I admit it was pretty raw… but I had a lot of fun! This is a little piece of that slice of time - a colaboration with Starpilot himself! He really should get more credit then he’s had over the years - so fucking search him out and listen to it! In fact Here!