A Lot Of Times With 2.8.1, I Will Get A Crash On Exit..

Hi guys…

Its definitely something new to 2.8.1… If the transport is running, and you just saved your project, and you do not bother to close the transport, you just click the windows, “x.” then a lot of times you will get a crash on exit… never happened before…

Windows 7 home premium… basic, totally unmodified hp quad core with 6 gigs of ram…


Is that with specific projects or can you also reproduce this with a clean project? (no plugins, no instruments).
And if it is a specific project that you can reproduce it with, perhaps share the xrns with support at renoise dot com?

What does the log say? (check your preferences folder)

Hey vV,

I can’t reproduce it on a clean project… I just tried to, “recreate,” what I was doing with Renoise Native DSP devices, and I couldn’t get the crash. So… erm… It must be a vst. I want to accuse, “psp mix gate!” I’ve had it for years, but I just started using it recently… cause I guess my understanding of gates got a little better. I have that old, old nitro from an audio midi no brainer… I know that thing crashes for sure, but I never upgraded it, so I avoid it.

About a project file… hmm… I will see what I can do. Maybe I spend some hours with just mix gate… and if it crahes, I shoot an email to PSP too.


Hey Djeroek,

talk about weird… but my log file shows no entries after august 15ths…




Edit = I have just written the guys at PSP. Because I think I have narrowed this down to a MixGate problem. Hopefully we can get it fixed… nice gate, imo…