A Module Deejay Tool

be able to mix renoise mods, seemlessly! :D

a function with many transition styles should be included to be able to swing the bpm, so you could make the transition to different bpm non-abrupt.

eq, crossfade, scrub, mute, beat repeat!

an then load vst init!

ableton live? :D

Not cheap though is it. Also there are time you might want to be playing and adjusting your renoise composition on the fly, and exporting every single track in every pattern into Live so you could do this would be an utter pain in the arse!

abelton live can play mods???

totally defeats the purpose…

thats dope B) thanks for the link , someone brushed up against this idea, 2 years before conception!

i have been brain storming this a lot more. i’ve also looked to the supercollider community to see if they might be able to help with this.
the idea will really flourish in that enviroment, i think. an atm the only route i know will work…
basically, the idea atm is to just be able to interface with fasttracker mods. then after that, the fun stuff! (rewriting the mods in rt using the pattern data as a roadmap)