A New Max Msp Blog

Hey all!

yesterday i started a blog about Max msp patches and ideas please have a look here




Cool. doing any jitter?

no jitter for now… but i will post a lot of cool max patches to control parameters that you can apply to your jitter projects
so stay tuned and give me suggestions and ideas on the blog if you want :slight_smile:

how about getting renoise osc/midi and max talking.

Yes, i will definitely go for it… for the midi part there’s really no problem ( i already made some patches with envelopes in max msp to control renoise parameters) , for the osc part i’m going to learn some more and then post something

If you have a specific request let me know and i’ll try it out

New patches are up :slight_smile:



“Nella notte” patch is uuuuuuuuppppppp!