A New Song

I uploaded it on my TIS profile…


I kinda want to know what you guys think of it…


You can also directly download it here.

Bump, I would love to hear some comments.

I’d ditch the Mr. B sample as you’d be dealing with Warner.

You already know that this sort of music isn’t my thing. But the mix translates well for the intentions.

:w00t: this track is ILL

I don’t know what sample Foo mentioned, but the track as a whole is quite the trip.

my hat goes off

Foo? is talking about the first 20 seconds, which are directly “stolen” from Mr. Bungle’s Sweet Charity

Thanks for the comment.

haha song is pretty sweet i love random stuff like this, sweet charity brings me back to when i used to love stuff by mike patton i loved the song stub and carousel

even though it’s only 2:47, i could’nt stand it till the end ;)
that said, i have to admit that i have no idea about breakcore, as i don’t understand it at all. if this was the best breakcore track ever, i guess i wouldn’t even notice because it’s just one big mess like every other breakcore track out there - where’s the difference ? ( <-rhetorical question, i dont intend to bring up a discussion)
i hope you don’t mind me being humble.

That’s odd… besides that k303 and me can’t stand the whole breakcore genre, I must admit - that this is one of the “better” tracks. I don’t sense too much randomness in there actually which pleased my ears atleast a bit. And that means much… and that also means I should hurry up and get a psychologist :wacko:

I’m still seriously fed up with the amen though…

Thanks a lot for all the comments, it really helps me!