A New Work In Progress

Here’s a track I’m working on:


I also found a cool Martin Luther King Jr. vocal snippet that I didn’t incorporate yet into the longer version above that you can listen to here:


I was wondering what you guys (and maybe gals?) think? I suppose I’m looking for any general thoughts and feedback, as well as feedback specific to the arrangement as it stands right now, albeit unfinished.

I already know that the indian voc section between 1:35 and 2:20 is too long and without any real changes. I’m planning on varying up the drums and stuff and maybe introducing some new small atmospheric fx or something to change it up a little …

What you got so far made me think: “where’s the hooka?”

Here are my criticisms:

  1. It is my opinion that if I hear Martin Luther King jr on another track again I will be forced to hunt down and castrate the creator of said track. It’s just been done to death, so I wouldn’t do it.
  2. I think in general (and you touched upon this already) things aren’t varied enough. Like the piano is super cool, but I find my self getting bored of the same thing repeated over and over again. It would nice to see that change with a purpose once the beat comes in. Same with the Bass as well a little later, and especially the flutey horn thing later on.
  3. There is some sorta conga type drum that is barely audible (I could be hearing things) that is driving me nuts.

Here is my praise:

  1. The introduction creates a sense of tension and anticipation.
  2. WHen then beat hits, the piano, the bass and drums all go well together – something about the contrast (tough beat, funky bass, dramatic piano).
  3. The strings that come in highten the sense of tension. The sporadic placing of strings is what does it, and of course the bending and how they seem further away.
  4. The flutey horn sounds like a good place to go as long as it isn’t all repetitive.

I can’t wait until it is done.

Cool. Thanks for checking it out man. Excellent comments and thoughts.

i liked the intro “dark” piano very much, i thought i was going to hear some dark moody songs (a bit like evanescence) but it went another way, too bad :)

is the piano sampled ? coz it reminds of an anime soundtrack, if not which vsti is it (if it is one) ?.

owh yeah, class track. Oh wait it isn’t finished yet. my thoughts:

keep on doing what you were doing in this few seconds.
try to avoid using synth-leads it think it’ll ruin the feel of the track. keep it raw in an old skool style.

sun: no, the piano isn’t sampled. It’s not a vsti either. It’s actually a soundfont called steinbow_mg. If you google it, you should be able to find it. Thanks for the comments!

Kcirr3d: I agree with staying away from synth leads. :slight_smile: Thanks for checking it out.

Cheers everyone!

That track is really one hell of a beast. It would really fit excellent in a movie.

The girl song that comes in is false, but I think it would work much better if you didn’t repeat it that much. Please remove some of those repetitons and save the track :) Maybe every other or lower the volume on some of the repetitions.

Like it is now it gets annoying and spoils the song somewhat.

The flute that comes in towards the end reminds me of the flutes the indians from Peru play.

The song starts like a dark jazz breakbeat track that reminds me of some big city but then with the song and the flutes it shifts and I think of Peru and Mexico etc.

Maybe if you hade the girl of the flute just once in the background of the intro it would tie the song together better?

But I LOVE this track and you just have to sit down and finish it!

Hope it ends up in a movie…

Thanks splajn! I’m glad you enjoy what I have so far! I’m going to take your comments into consideration!

BTW - you were spot on regarding the flutes - it’s Peruvian.