A Place For Renoise Resources?

Hi there,

I was just thinking: It would be great if there was a Renoise user page, were we all could have our artist page AND could share renoise resources. I know there is the loopproject, but it is not really a community and you can only share instruments.
Something to share songs, instruments, skins, dsp chains, in one central place would be awesome.
Since the official Renoise song section is supposed to come back, I was wondering, if this could eventually become something like this?

what do you think?

Well McRippon made that site when we were young, Maybe it could use a little facelift to include these things. That would be neat… however I wouldn’t like to see resources effected because of it if space was the issue. Pop on IRC and suggest this to him =)



Yes, a good idea. +1 from me.

I have a domain renoised.com
Maybe if you don’t want to bring up the old resources I can cooperate, establishing such a site. Because now it’s just not being used.
I don’t know yet, which CMS to use for a site. Maybe someone who have knowledge in drupal, modx or other CMS can help.
Because i just feel wrong when some sites overuse the poor Wordpress. Yes it has a lot of extensions and themes, BUT it’s for blogging not for portals… :wacko:
And Joomla is just heavy on resources and not cool.
What do you think ppl?

nice idea! the biggest problem with this is that no one (imooo ofc) wants yet another login.

maybe the admin could just post reference to threads here about the resources so all the discussion stay in one place? maybe prefix the threads?

(also, it would remind us regular renoise.com forumers to check out the site)

Yeah I get the idea. People want to have their identity saved. Maybe the comment section for that site can be made in iframe. So that all the comments posted there, will be posted in the corresponding thread in here, on renoise forums. Well in fact that’s also doesn’t sound too easy. As this requires a lot of coordination with Renoise forums moderators.

After all, if the renoise team haven’t included a Renoise resources page of the the site, that means it’s all up to 3rd party sites like loop project.

So the final conclusion - is it worth to keep all the eggs in one basket? I don’t see personally any reasons not to register another account. I have more than 100 accounts at different sites with different logins and passwords(most of them 24 characters long) - I just use the marvelous open-source cross-platform password manager KeePass2. Not that difficult to click on menu entry and paste the password.

I initially thought that this is something that should be offered by the Renoise team themselves. Like this one could have renoise user profiles at users.renoise.com (so for instance users.renoise.com/fladd or something). This would also be a nice showcase for Renoise itself, since also “famous” renoisers could host some stuff/songs there.

But if this is not happening, a user driven solution would of course be great, too!
C-blu, the domain of yours sounds perfect for this to be honest! Would be amazing if you could set up something like that!
Another login should not be a problem at all I think! Referring to posts in the forum would sort of defeat the purpose of a user site anyway.

Ok, so we have 3 options:
1)The Renoise Team finally release version 2.8 → they have some spare time to discuss this topic. And make some steps in this direction.
(Well, something tells me that it’s not gonna happen. This project still requires more than just 2 clicks in setting it up)

2)Somebody interested can share their thoughts here in forum, or PM me also. So we could use the domain I’ve got.

3)Other option

It would be great to have this functionality here. I’ve thought about opening a similar site. I miss the song section and adding the ability to post chains, skins, instruments etc. would be a nice way to get people working together and sharing. I think it would help attract new users as well.

i’ve got some instrument to share. i’ve allready made a thread about this subject few weeks ago. i think a separate place then here is better cause the dev team have far better stuff to do then share instrument dsp chain and skin.
we can also post renoise or production tutorial or video there.

anyway i’m all for it. a wordpress with multiple author kinda stuff would be the better

Well, to look good, and not using some pirated theme, wordpress has to be tuned by someone who has good experience with this CMS.
Bassnectar site
Skrillex label OWSLA
Russian Dubstep Portal
If the site doesn’t look as good as these examples — than it’s not the one which are we after. Good design of this sharing site, may attract potential future Renoise users. And what’s more important, part of usability comes from design itself, not the features implemented on the site.
And good content, can benefit not only beginners but all the Renoise users.

Hosting the videos itself, on the site it’s not the best idea. Just to embed them from vimeo or youtube is better. At least we can make a decent compilation from the videos that has been made already.

I am a wordpress theme developer, have done multiple commerce sites etc. I miss the old renoise sections too… Am willing to help and WP is a VERY versatile cms, allowing auto posting to a facebook page / applications as well as others. The sections would be easy to create with custom post types IMO another login is nothing to worry about if it’s worth logging in to ;).

My work is not cheap. But I am willing to donate some…

Well I knew that we have someone here with Wordpress knowledge. :rolleyes:

Like I said before I have a domain: renoised.com and I can provide a hosting(at least for a start).
Well registration of another domain it’s an easy process, it’s just that I like how it sounds.

What a coincidence… I was just going to start a new topic about the good ol’ song section here [at renoise.com] that seem to have been forgotten.

+1 from me for a new song section where you can, hopefully, search for genres/authors, get xrns’, instruments, and other files related to Renoise.