A Plastic Bag


It’s a fun song with silly lyrics. It’s more electronic-sounding than most of my stuff. EDIT: Well, I guess “someday” is pretty electronic…

Great vox on this one, but my comments still hold per the Illusion song. This could be really good if had some more punch and build… but maybe that sort of advice is something that’s more appropriate for my music.

I like your style, shows promise. You should check out a guy named Lewis (from Wire), who has gone under the nick He Said.

Thanks. This one I’m not sure how I’d go about changing the dynamics without changing the whole song though. Again, I totally agree about the illusion song.

As far as the vocals–a dry sound on the vocals, or what kind of effect were you thinking more of? I kind-of like the chorus and flange, with a hint of doubletap delay for this song, but I’m open to other ideas–I just don’t know if dry would sound good on it…

Definately gives me something to think about though.



I think the main thing that gets me going is ‘additional layers’ as the song progresses. Here you can use counter harmonies or ostinatos. But layer it up like a cake - there are sonic holes in songs all the way up that people don’t take advantage of.

The vox on this one is fine :D The other one sounds a bit verby…

So layering more like in “mountains of truth”… Gotcha. I’ll see what I can do. Very good idea.