A Preview

another preview (1.47min), space trancey style (i think)


as usual, feel free to comment ;)

add: just finished the “megabass” feels :D, so go for it !

Good idea.
Two things:

  1. I’d put a compressor on the 303. At high resonances it gets too loud.
  2. Use three different chords instead of two. Like here in the second pattern.

hehe thx for the time taken to give me ur ideas about the chords.

but i actually feel the third one change the whole “tone” of the music so ;)

yeh the 303 is a bit loud sometime on standard speaker i didn’t noticed it i’m using my faithful earphone (sh hd650) :rolleyes:

a new version is up in case you want to check it out, same spot !

pretty good. reminds me of some lange stuff i listened to a few years ago. drums need some more variation but this seems like it could be a really good track