A Question About Dblue's Glitch Plugin

Iv’e been having trouble linking it to my midi controller. I can if I hit the MIDI map button, but you are supposed to be able to do it quicker by right clicking the circular controls on the plug in, only this doesnt work for me.

My MIDI knowledge is very limited so this may be something simple, respect to dblue…thanks for the glitchness.

The Renoise forum probably isn’t the best place to be asking for tech support for my plugin :P

Anyway, since the post is already here, could you be a little more specific about what doesn’t work? I assume that after right-clicking on a control you see the white outline appear, indicating that the MIDI learn function is activated? So after that happens, you move a knob/slider on your MIDI controller and Glitch simply doesn’t respond to it?

OK sorry, I thought id ask because there seem to be alot of people on here that use it , dont want to be a pain in the ass :unsure:

Yeah thats exactly it.

Well I just checked it out and I can confirm that it doesn’t work. Renoise’s built-in MIDI learn stuff worked fine, but nothing was being sent directly to the VST effect plug-in itself. It doesn’t seem to be limited to Glitch though, since I could not get the MIDI learn functions of several other plug-ins to work either.

I don’t want to jump the gun here, but it looks like Renoise currently does not send MIDI CC information to VST effect plug-ins? I already knew that MIDI notes didn’t work for VST effects, but I had assumed that MIDI CC was working ok. I’ve honestly never done any proper testing because I normally just automate stuff internally in Renoise. I did buy a new MIDI controller a few months ago but I haven’t really used it very much yet.


Well thanks for taking the time out to answar this post anway and thanks for an awsome plug. By the way if its of interest the same happens in FL studio.


FL Studio is a weird one too. It works using the internal functions, ie. tweak a parameter in Glitch, then choose “Last tweaked parameter > Link to controller” inside FL Studio.

It also works if you add a MIDI Out channel in FL Studio. Make sure the MIDI Out channel and Glitch are both set to the same port. Configure some of the virtual knobs in the MIDI Out channel settings and give them a MIDI CC #. Now you can actually use the MIDI learn function in Glitch by right-clicking a parameter, then tweak one of these virtual knobs in FL Studio, and the learn function works correctly.

But it just seems like direct MIDI to the VST is being blocked or something, in both Renoise and FL Studio. I mean, it makes sense not to send all MIDI events to every single VST effect you have loaded since 9 times out of 10 it’s probably not even needed, but it would be nice just to have a simple toggle button somewhere: “This plugin receives MIDI CC”, or something like that.

@Any Renoise crew members who might be reading: Any plans for such a feature? Is there something obvious in Renoise that I’ve overlooked? (It wouldn’t be the first time… no matter how long you use it, Renoise has a way of surprising you)