A Question About Looping

Hi, after caining Fruityloops for about three years i’ve been shopping around for a new DAW that is more adept at mashing breaks. I’ve been playing around with Cubase, Reaktor, Reason, Live and Buzz tracker but I am absolutely loving renoise!

Been with it for about a month now and Ive been scanning tutorials like mad, but I just cant seem to work out how to highlight a small section of a pattern and make it loop, I must be missing something, the usual “sorry about the noob question” statement goes here. :)

You can partially achieve this by enabling block play (over BPM), expand, shrink loop block, ctrl+NumpadPlus/Minus selects next/pervious block to loop.

I believe he is asking for another feature, which is already present in Renoise 1.5:

Soultrigga, I think you want to select part of a pattern and let the play flow of Renoise to repeat it, right?

In this case, use the mouse to select any part of the pattern, then click on the “Block” checkbox which is near the upper left corner of the application, then press play: the pattern loops into the selected area.

I think this is what you were asking about, otherwise I hope you have learned something new :)

note: this is just a “play-and-forget” feature, in the sense that you could use it to play a part of a pattern repeatingly while editing it, to hear how it sounds. When you switch “Block” off, everything comes back as before. If you need a permanent solution, then reefr to Bantai’s post

Ok, sorry I dont think I’ve been clear enough, say I have a pattern of 64 steps but I just want to hear step 6 to 12 in a loop while im working, so I can just work on that part for a while, Rather than waiting for the whole 64 pattern to scroll.

Ive got to grips with the sample editor just learning about asigning slices of a break to keys atm. Ive been writing jungle patterns using sample offset and pattern effect comands…fantastic! Trackers are a whole new world to me, very exiting.

Yes thats exactly what I meant thanks!!!

Thanks guys.

Bantai, I love youre tunes, they really made me smile, love the synth work.

There are some seriously talented people in this forum, Jonas The Plug Experts stuff is wicked also.

I think it’s super cool that people are actually moving from more popular DAW packages to Renoise. This shows that Renoise is really going in the right direction in terms of opening up the tracking concept to a wider audience.

Good luck Soultrigga, and happy tracking!