A Question About Mixer Scales

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Got a question about the mixer scales. According to the manual, we can choose among a few scales for the mixer level. Am I getting this correctly, unless it’s chosen at -24dB to 0dB, the tick marks on the mixer sliders won’t make much sense?



Yeah unfortunately the value markers are for the fader and not for the meters. Something I have said I think is a little strange before too…

Obviously the fader actually has to always go to -inf otherwise you couldn’t use it to kill the track.

I have to admit the meters in Renoise don’t really make much sense to me at all! Using the Maximiser and reading the Peak value you can tell that 0dB is at the very top of the meter, that is not +3dB as you may be led to think by looking at the numbers next to the fader.

But to get a peak of 0dB with a normalised Sine wave, no effects at all and all faders set to 0dB you have to have the Track Headroom set to -3dB. This is just strange (and I might actually post it as a bug…) All fine there, missed the instrument was set at +3dB so that explains why things appeared to be 3dB out for me when doing tests.

I’ve justed it here:

  • Sample normalised to 0.0dB, with its instrument volume set to 0.0dB, playing on Track 01.
  • Track 01 volume set to 0.0dB.
  • Master track volume set to 0.0dB.
  • Song Settings > Track Headroom set to 0.0dB.

The render is correctly normalised to 0.0dB.

If you’re using the factory instrument Chip-Sine.xrni to test this and have simply normalised the sample data, then you should also keep in mind that the instrument itself already has a +3.0dB boost applied in its instrument settings. You will obviously need to drop that back to 0.0dB before doing any testing.

Yeah I noticed as such shortly after posting and have edited the above to indicate as such.

I do think it would be nice to have markings on the meters though. Especially the large, master one that runs across the top of the screen. Although I have got fairly used to living without by now…

yes please

Thanks, guys, for clarifying about the markings.

Today I have been working on leveling my mix by remembering that I keep the -24dB to 0dB config. That helps a bit. But yeah, I agree it would be nice to have markings to the meters. Or instead of markings, there are labels that indicate the latest peak for the tracks, which would reset each time we stop/start the sequencer. That would make leveling much easier.

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