A question about panning

Hi all, was wondering if anyone could clear up some stuff about panning for me? I was recently trying to make a tune with a delayed hoover sound in it…https://soundcloud.com/alex-aize-hunt/phased-hoover-echo-descending and I wanted to get it to pan from left to right and back again. I tried using the gainer and an lfo but it doesn’t seem to make much difference, even listening with headphones I can’t really hear it moving, except that it seems quieter when it moves to the sides (still totally audible in both headphones even with panning all the way left or right) From what I’ve read, you need to have a mono sound, in order to do this and so I’ve set it up as mono-mix, but I don’t know much about panning so maybe I’ve overlooked something?

Huh, what exactly have you done in terms of setup for panning from the sample/instrument to the final mixing stage? Yes, this sounds very mono what you’ve done.

A mono mixdown after the panning will kill any stereo effect, oc. I think when stereo tracks/sounds are panned, it will happily pan the stereo sound. Don’t know which way renoise does this, 2 things are possible, i.e. manipulating the levels of each channel (so panned hard right, you’ll hear only the right channel, but no longer the left), or maybe even shifing the panned-out-channel to the other side mixing the channels together (could have serious side effects with prior stereo effects, but I’ve seen this variation in some effects, I think). To pan stereo sounds you won’t need to do any special tricks.

You must have done something very silly wrong in the example you’ve posted, maybe you’ve used an “expander” set to mono mix and having only L or R selected, but after the panning effect, so it will playback only this channel but in mono which means it’ll just wobble in volume like the selected channel would do after panning.

Other than that you can pan sounds at multiple stages, using different methods. Beginning in the instrument with panning modulation, to the mixer and fx tracks via a gainer’s pan knob or the track mixer’s pan channel. Where you exactly pan depends on how you want it to react with effects in between or how polyphony is processed. I.E. if you pan before a stereo delay effect, it will delay/echo the panned sound in respect of it’s position, but panning after a delay it will also pan the echoes.

Hi, thanks for the reply, sorry for the lateness in the follow up (been ridiculously busy at work etc). So… That sound I’ve posted isn’t currently panned, just a demo of what I am originally working with. In my tune all I’ve done is loaded it into the sampler and then put the gainer on the track, with an lfo which controls the panning and that has done absolutely nothing… I first tried hooking it up to the pan on the channel mixer but that also does nothing. Frankly I’m at a complete loss



Here’s a Renoise 3.0.1 example that demonstrates panning via Track DSPs using an LFO and Gainer, as well as panning via the instrument modulations.

5410 dblue-2014-12-22-hoover-panning.xrns

It’s modulated/panned pretty heavily, so if you can’t hear this thing clearly moving from left to right, then you might want to check your audio settings, cables, headphones, etc.

Son of a bitch! (not you, btw) Found the problem and it was one I probably should have figured out for myself. I have a vst called frequalizer, on the master channel and it was forcing everything to play in mono. As soon as I removed it, my hoover started panning just like I wanted it to. Thank you both for the help and dblue for the example, since it looked pretty much exactly like my set up, figured that was the only thing that could be causing problems.

Slightly off topic, but does renoise have a fequency analyser in it now? Haven’t fully explored 3. Frequalizer is a very useful tool, but it has caused numerous problems with missing bits off renderings and stuff like that, since I upgraded to 3.