A Question About Renoise Sampler

Hey guys,

I switched 100% to Renoise in a couple of weeks ago, Im glad, I can use my hardwares, and the speed of my production is amazing. More faster than with hardwares + Logic combo.

Anyway, I’ve a question.
There is a function in my old emu sampler, I really dont know the name of it, but it do the following :

If I switch this function on, the sample will not start again if there is a new note in the sequencer…I really dont know how to describe it…let me write an example :

There is a pad sample with a really long fade in. I put the c4 note to the seq, and play it, until the sample reached the normal volume. Then I write a d4 note. In renoise, the sample will start again with the long fade, but I want renoise to continue playing it, just change the pitch.
It is maybe portamento or something like this, I dont know the name of the effect, but I really need it for sub bass, what I’ve made from an 808 kick :D:smiley:

Sorry about my english, hope you can understand what I mean…

Sounds similar to the “Glide to Note [05xx]” effect, see:


You can use the glide command in Renoise for that:
05xx - Glide to specified note with step xx (01 is 1/16th semitone, 08 is a half semitone, 10 is one semitone).
You can glide up to almost 16 semitones in one line which is a bit over one octave.

This works for internal sample instruments only by the way, for plugins, they need to support an internal portamento function.

As for hardware or VSTs, look for a “Portamento”-function which is mostly available as an option for Monophonic Sounds. To use this trigger a note and do not switch it off while you trigger another note on your (Midi-)keyboard. To programm this it’s mostly easily done by using two note columns, you just place your 1st note in the 1st column, 2nd note in the 2nd column, third in the 1st column again and so on. This way each note stays on while the second is triggered.