A Question About Song/samples Sample Rate

Hi !

I’ve just began a new song in which I’d like to use a sample extracted from a DVD.

But I’m wondering which sample rate I must use for the song if the sample is 44.1 KHz. Actually, I should have ask for this for my very first song as most of the samples I use are wav 44.1 KHz.

I’d like to chose a 96 KHz song sample rate, but then how will the audio from the samples be processed ?


It mostly depends on the interpolation type that you select… if you select Cubic mode, you have the least chance of hearing differences with the actual output.
The song played in realtime uses Cubic interpolation, if you would pick Arguru’s sinc, you might hear differences due to the deeper level of interpolation applied which just generates a more precise shaped waveform. (some frequencies that would not be rendered by Cubic, now is being rendered as well)

Also watch carefully if VST plugins that you use, are capable of producing 96Khz audio output. If they go as far as 44Khz, you get wrong rendered output as well (at least from the plugins, samples should be resampled properly).