A Question for Getting Started


I worked with several DAWs in the past. I am a complete newcomer to Renoise.
Logic 9 was my latest program and I love it. I did a lot of HipHop with it but then
my “taste” changed somehow (psychedelic experiences :) ) And I kind of quit
making music for several years. I made a progression in theoretical things and
audio engineering but I did not have a perspective what music I want to do now.

Now I have renoise, a new keyboard and audio interface and want to start making
electronic music with lyrics. Like… electronic pop or something like that. :)

Renoise is sooo great!! Cannot wait to learn everything! :w00t:
The CPU performance is also a big factor for me. Having every
instrument sampled in a few clicks is just amazing!

I started with 3.0 beta one week ago and I have a question:

-I realized there are instrument slots AND tracks: how can i connect one track
with an instrument? Is there a hidden “selection field” or something?
I figured out that it connects automatically with the selected instrument when I
enter midi but then I bounced a plugin to samples and this connection was
different. :rolleyes:

Thats it for now. Would be glad if anyone could help me


I’m also a renoise beginner. I was using it several years ago. As far as i know, an intrument is not connected to a track. You can play every instrument on all tracks.

A good start is the renoise manual:

Here is a fantastic beginner tutorial:

Both correct. No mandatory track/instrument association. This is cool because you can play any instrument in any track and have that track’s effect chain applied to any instrument. Although, now in V3.0 each instrument can have its own effect chain. It just keeps getting sweeter. nautilus, you won’t regret moving to renoise…best and most efficient DAW I have ever used. Have fun!!!

Yes, but this feature does come with the cost that you no longer can use the same instrument across multiple tracks simultaneously. (Instrument turns to vsti playing-mode)

Thank you for your answers. I am going to view the tutorial soon. It looks promising.

Just to make sure I understood:

DRUMSET (Multi-Channel)
Thats a bit confusing but now its clear. One can route a drumset (one instrument) on different tracks and play them
altogether if one like. They are connected until a note is set in the pattern. If one track pattern has notes of two different
samples this becomes the “major”-track - if notes are played synchronous on a track which triggers only one sample this
one becomes muted. To mix f.e. two toms at once one could place them in another sampler instrument or route them on
a bus/group.

Yes! :yeah:

The outputs of the VSTi can be routed to different tracks on the “Outputs & Routing” panel, hidden under the plugins preferences.
To access different MIDI channels one can use Aliases of the VSTi.

SAMPLES (One-Channel)
I did not try but I am very excited to use fx chains on my first track. The way i would do this in Logic is… probably with processing,
bouncing and resampling - and I am a lazy person. With renoise i can do this straight without losing the ability to correct the mix of
the samples.

What I love is that renoise has no piano roll. I need to play everything with my keyboard or with drumpads. I think thats a great limitation.


To summarize it a bit:
Renoise sample based instrument: Can be played and processed on multiple tracks
Multi-output VSTI: Can be played and processed on multiple tracks (you can route them, but if you don;t Renoise automatically attaches a channel pair to a track that you are playing notes from that instrument)

Renoise sample based instrument using FX chains: Can be played on multiple tracks, but only processed on one.
Single output VSTI: Can be played on multiple tracks, but only processed on one.