A Question On Track Routing

Here’s the task I need to do.

Suppose I got three separate drum tracks (kicks, snares, highs) and I want to route them into a drum submix which is processed as a sum of those three tracks.

I usually manage to do this on a mixing stage in Tracktion (since its modular and you can visually route your signal in whichever way you want) but I’m kinda vague as to how to achieve this using send/receive channels in Renoise.

I send them to a single send track for submix, but how do I eliminate the original tracks, so that only the summing send track is left?

My soundcard has only one input pair.


Add a Send Device to a Track. Point it at the Send Track you desire (there in only one on Renoise’s default template.)

As standard it will have Mute Source enabled, Meaning the sound now ONLY goes through the Send Track, with whatever other channels.

If you wanted to do some parallel processing, or use a Gainer (as you can’t automate the Post Fader in the mixer for some reason I have never understood!) to do some mixing of wet/dry over time then change the setting to Keep Source.

Anything you don’t understand?

yes, I thought so and tried that many times, but when I do that (send, mute original) with several tracks, somehow the result sounds very different from the same submix done without the send tracks, just with these three tracks through same group fx on master.
dunno, maybe I’d done somethin wrong, I’ll try once more. :huh:

Should be exactly the same. Can you upload an xrns (or two if you find that easier than setting up the comparison in a single song.)

do you mean it sounds different from the same submix done without send tracks in Renoise? so, the result of the three tracks in 1 sendtrack sounds different from the 3 tracks playing together on their own channels?
if that is what you mean, could it be that you did some volume/panning adjustments for each separate track, which are not carried over to the sendtrack? this is the only thing i can think of why it would sound different (assuming you are not adding the Send Device before your fx chain, which will result in the fx not being sent to the send track with ‘mute source’ enabled)

Pan is carried over the Send, the argument for including a control was so that a channels can have different panned version affected differently (central version to a output for monitoring, panned for the master or something.)

Post Gains would of course not be taken into account for the Send though. Have you done any level balancing in the Mixer screen?

okay, thanks for clearing this up, I’m gonna try again now, more thorough.