A Rat, a Schism

This is a tune I recently finished that’s out on TX Chip’s first compilation.

You can check out the xrns -----> here.

I usually don’t like chip music but this one definitely stands out for his weirdness. great one! and thanks for the XRNS!

Thanks. I hadn’t even intended it to be chippy at first. It just ended up there. So when I got asked to submit a track for the comp I was like, “Whelp, here you go then.”

If anyone wants to remix it, use some of the ideas in it, make it a demo song, or whatever, do it!

I’m looking at possibly extended it and tossing it on my next release too. We’ll see.

It is very witty. I quite like it, and thank you for the xrns!

I very much like it being described as witty. ^_^/> You’re welcome.