A Real Happy Xmas Wish

All the best to you, and I wish you all some kind of present that supports your musical creativity and work, may it be hardware, software, money for hard- or software, some CDs/DVDs which give you inspiration or anything else.
I for myself will get some money which I will use to buy a handy vinyl-washer, so I can finally sample my vinyls in the best possible quality. yay ! :D

Merry Xmas everyone :) Im getting a new soundcard for xmas, and i promisse i’ll post alot of new songs the coming future :D

yeah, merry xmas everyone!! :yeah:

A late merry xmas from here, hope you all had a good day!

turkey sandwiches for a week now! :)

Oh and got some nice classical CDs for inspiration B)

from me too.

having one right now. :D

Wish you all a late happy Xmas and a soon a happy new year!