A Reaper As Rewire Slave Bug?

hi all,

the below is more than likely caused by something i haven’t done correctly, but see what you think. i’ll try and describe this as clearly as possible.

a track i’m working on contains some long samples. i open renoise, then open reaper as a slave in a renoise channel. all well and good.

until i try and move around the song. the grey repeat pattern button behaves really erratically and if i have selected to repeat a pattern and then move to view another pattern, the pattern repeat button starts flashing between the two patterns. when this happens, i cannot deselect the repeat pattern button. when i look at reaper, the two highlighted sections that correspond to the renoise pattern sections are blinking too.

this only happens when reaper is open.

any ideas? is this possibly caused by the new live pattern select stuff that was introduced in 2.1? is there some setting i have to select/deselect in reaper?


That is a known problem of Reaper and reported in the ReWire compatability list.
http://www.renoise.com/wiki/ReWire_Compatible_Hosts :



it’s the latest version of reaper i’m using too…

so i guess i’m stuck with this until cockos fix up reaper?

Just run Renoise as slave
Works fine that way


oh cool. thanks.