A Redux VST Option to *not* save .xrni library data with the plugin state

Greetings all;

I’m new to the forums, and I just did a search for this topic. I found a thread about Renoise projects being self-contained, but this is specific to Redux.
I would love to have the option for the Redux VST to simply load the .xrni from disk, instead of saving all of that in the plugin state.

I’m using Redux as a VST with Reaper, mostly for percussion samples. The ease of setup, flexibility and multiple outs are perfect! But where a Reaper project file is a few hundred KB in size, adding a Redux percussion section can add 1 to 4 MB to the file size. One of my percussion instruments is 3.9 MB. If I have 5 songs, each with 5 versions, that use that library, that’s 100 MB of redundant files.

When I record audio into Reaper, there is only 1 copy of that audio, no matter how many versions of the song I do. I can chop up the audio, copy and paste sections, and it uses the original audio files.

A lot of people like Redux/Renoise for the tacking. I bought it to use as a VST sampler. Lots of outputs, separate FX busses, and an relatively easy to understand interface to configure it all, makes Redux a great VST sampler. I just wish it didn’t save copies of my instruments in the Reaper project files.

Thanks for making such great software!

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