A Renoise song: Shifter

I’m new to Renoise, and still trying to learn the workflow, but thought I’d post this for feedback.



There are enough humanized elements in it, at least not as tight as people naturally track.
Did you recorded all your input?

I audio recorded a couple of the loops, and then used a bit of retriggering to make them tighter. I midi recorded several of the other tracks with quantize off, and then manually adjusted the timing. I was aiming for a somewhat loose feel, but I found the manual adjustment of timing a little trickier than I expected, probably from being less familiar with hex.


Quite fun track! :)
It could use a little more punch in the mix, but i kinda like that it’s not super tight.
Don’t worry about the hex, it’s gonna get into your fingertips soon and you’ll realize that decimals are just not practical. :P

Well, at least this sounds like it wasn’t made in a tracker. Though, don’t make it sound too amature band-like, else people will say you have a long road to follow before you are there ;).

Well, always supposing that’s where I want to get to!


Thanks, TB. I EQ’d the various tracks to give them each some space, but I guess I overdid it a bit. Not quite sure where I went wrong, but I’ll do better the next time (I hope!).

Actually, I love hex - just not used to translating it into beats and sub-beats. But then I never did that with decimals, either.