A session view/live pattern recording switching

There is a workflow that is part of other software such as ableton live where you can record patterns and switch between them live, with different instruments loading different patterns at once (I’m doing a bad job of explaining this, but essentially, session view in live/bitwig).
I feel like this would fit great into renoise especially with the matrix already functioning somewhat like this: would just need the ability to select patterns from different places in the matrix to play at the same time, rather than the ones all on one line (like LSDJ’s live view).

This might be possible through a tool, but otherwise I think it would be a great addition for performing renoise songs live or for a jam-style studio workflow.


Something like this tool perhaps?Dont know if it will work on the newer version of Renoise but give it a go and see

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sadly doesn’t seem to work right on current versions :frowning:

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If you have your song ready bounce all your instruments to audio and load them to a earlier version of Renoise where this tool works and jam away.You could of course make your new tracks with the version of Renoise that this tool functions if live jamming is essential to you .