A Shine Too Much

synths, guitars (own), influences from FSOL, schultze and the shadows
i made it with fun :)
hope you enjoy it…


I enjoyed the “the shadows”-part the most… it could stand it’s own… maybe you should make a seperate track out of it… (?)
but I just have to ask: why the weird pitch-bend on the guitar? make a real bend instead…
Im sorry to say that the chippy, c=64 inspired break-in is totally out of place in my ears… not that it’s bad or anything… just didn’t suit the mood imo…

keep it up…

Wow. I am impressed. This sounded fantastic. How long did it take from start to finish to compose?

As always, pretty professional. ;)

The slight pitches in the guitar make it sound realistic. The stronger ones need to be overworked IMHO.

Reminds me pretty much of this one (just click, it won’t bite):


Edit: No, I’m not! Don’t even think about it. Not more than 16%.

Thanks ppl!
It was my first ‘real guitar’-test, and I enjoyed making it. It took about, well, heck I don’t know how long it took to compose. Time goes quicker when having fun…
Anyway, we couldn’t do the ‘real slides’ from the guitar: I can’t f****ing play the thing… so we just sampled each snare of the guitar and made a multilayer sample in renoise.
Gilli: Damn im at work now so I can’t hear wickedgames. Is it from chris isaak? I love that song… anyway, Gilli - you certainly have better guitar samples than me… but maybe that’s because you actually CAN play a guitar :slight_smile: