A Shortcut To Selecting A Block And Making It A Pattern Of Its Own

How about a shortcut to selecting a block and making it a pattern of its own?

How would it work?

Select block, rightclick to a menu or press keyboard shortcut and bingo, new pattern from selected block. Choose to keep or cut the block.

Right click -> Clone : Already does exactly this does it not?

You’re probably right, as I’m a newbie to Renoise. But could you the please explain where you’re clicking? (Then this thread needs to be moved or closed…)

In the matrix select some blocks. You can drag and select, or even make broken selections by Ctrl+clicking. Once you have whichever blocks you want to make new patters out of right-click on one of them and select Clone (or press Ctrl+K if Matrix has Focus.)

When I said block, I meant when you’re in the pattern editor and leftclick and drag to select a block with a few lines to copy. Cloning the entire pattern was never my intention, rather only the block I marked in this way. Although that was useful too, so thanks! :)

Ahh OK, you mean Selection in Pattern. By Block I always think Matrix Block (it’s not a whole Pattern.) A single Track within a Pattern.

What you propose I don’t think it possible and also begs questions such as ; what would length of new Pattern be? Same as old? Or length of Selection?

Could always be scripted although seems quite a special case and I think the cloning of Matrix Blocks would do for most people much of the time…

I was thinking the new pattern would be lenght of the copied selection. Would save some steps of editing.

You could do this through a workaround right now, in combination with Dblue’s pattern length from sample tool ( New Tool (2.7): Set Pattern Length From Sample -> only works with 2.7.2 I think)

make a selection in the pattern through mouse click and hold (for the length you called ‘block’), right mouse click, go into the ‘selection’ menu and choose render to sample. Doesn’t matter if there are note events/sounds triggered in this selection, it is a bout the length of the rendered sample.

Now run the tool and make sure you have the rendered instrument selected.

edit: lol