A Sig Question

Is it okay to have a small picture in the signature? like the one below? Or shall I remove it? any unwritten board rules about this? ;)

edit: I’ve actually already noticed that some other users have pictures in their signatures so I guess it is okay ;)

Cool signature!

I need one of those… hmm

we should have a special personalised avatar/graphic sig for registered renoise users :) part of the package i guess. that’d be cool.

I would try to keep the signature image under 10kb.

A lot of users still use dialup connections, and if everyone will start adding an image to their signature, sumed with avatars, forum pages could start being a bit too heavy.

So, please, if you can, reduce signature filesize.

/me nostalgic for tracking optimization days :rolleyes:

i dont like images in the signatures. i have seen many of those hardware boards with VERY UGLY signature pictures. so, once its starts over here, the board will get ugly and unreadable step by step.

i would recommend a small / informative signature instead of bloated graphics, but i wont go rabid and start flaming everyone who uses it :D

its up to you, as long its small and not to dominant it might be ok.

But if it becomes too common, I suppose we will have to stop it.

the human need to distinct himself is overwhelming ;)

and if you’d notice carefully, there is an option to turn off viewing sigs in ‘Board Display Settings’ of your control panel.