A simple big thank you renoise

I believe if RENOISE does a commercial campaign on youtube… A clever, cool and cool commercial on youtube, I believe people buy it and someone will get rich. Think of it, have these kids seen a tracker before that just looks so cool to look at? Fuggetaboutit.


I’m so in love with Renoise OMG… I’m telling you, with RENOISE, I can actually finish tracks fast… Why? that whole vertical sequencing and arranging… It’s like my brain knows what to do next in a pattern…
I like LOGIC but I have a hard time to be smooth creative with it… I love it for MIXING though but RENOISE? 10 years later and now i’m for sure will not use another DAW again to produce my brand of RAVE Acid House/electro industrial. What a nice sampler as well. I should of not even bought SERATO sample because RENOISE or REDUX does a better job frankly.



I created a youtube channel to promote my free music for people to download.
I will show off RENOISE a lot… In fact that’s one of what my channel will be about…

I’ll post when my youtube chan is ready.


Lets Show

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I think your English is pretty ok. You can use Grammerly plugin to check your English real-time and learn at the same time.


Renoise is my main DAW.

An Amiga-Soundtracker-kid dream that came true.

Thanks to all of the renoise team!


The one single feature I was campaigning for, and Taktik created it; The keyjazz in sampleselection.
And play only the selection; I dont know where to start how thankfull I am discovering new samples in samples this way :slight_smile:

I have a huge computer now, 16 cores, 32gb ram, everything I ever wished for.
And do I use it for games? sure, but my main ‘game’ is Renoise :smiley:

From al the retro programs out there, Renoise is adapted as the only bridge between the golden retronic times and today.
It looks fancy, retro but stylish - it is rockstable and it performs as fast as the MS-DOS days (realtime superfast).

I am thankfull everyday!


Quite offtopic, but how good does Renoise work with 16 cores? I’m currently planning to switch from my i7 3770k to a Ryzen 3900x. I hope there will be a huge performance plus for me.


risking of reviving, bumping this ‘old’ topic and posting something offtopic;

YES Renoise runs awesome with 16 cores and uses them to great extend.
It all depend on VST(i) usage and channels.
Renoise balances them greatly.


honestly, I wouldn’t produce anywhere except in RENOISE but I do mix in LOGIC.