A Simple Ringmod?

don’t think there is one yet, i need some robotic type effects on my drums,

I think it would just consist of, a few simple waveforms to choose from, sine, square. and a frequency slider, maybe also a bpm-syncing LFO with triangle/square/random?

oh and a wet/dry of course.

good idea? im prety sure no one has thought of this one before!

There are oh-so-plenty of free ringmod VSTs in existance… google can help with this ;)

… some of the new 1.9 effects have built in ringmod too.

… in fact, does filter2 have ringmod?

what’s the a?

probably stands for ‘aaawesome’ then :lol:

oh wait, the renoise makers aren’t from california? :w00t: lol

Amplitude Modulation.

Thanks mister dblue.