A Simple Sinewave Generator

In zero x beatquantizer ( which is a standalone beatslicer) there is a tool called ‘formula waveshaper’. This is a handy utility in which you can generate different waveforms according to formula’s. There are a lot of preset formula’s for one to choose from, like:































Maybe interesting if this ever gets implemented.

@jonas the plugexpert:
Please don’t make things complex dude, it’s been about two years that we cry for a simple sin(x), now you expect (abs(sin(x/2))-abs(cos(x/2)))^3 ? ;)

where can i find a library of simple waveforms?


• “Architecture Universal Waveforms, is a collection of over 1,800 meticulously designed wavetables provided in industry standard .wav format. Wavetables are single cycle periodic waveforms that form the most fundamental building block of synthesis. They are the sound generators, and can be thought of as the oscillator of a classic analog synth, but they provide infinitely more variability in shape and spectrum. They are chiefly responsible for determining a given sound’s primary timbre, or “tone color”. This collection offers a huge variety of waveforms logically organized in sub-folder categories.”

last i checked (08-26-07) > $30

edit: if you plan on using them, be wary of dangerous looking high frequency waveforms > make sure the volume is low, HF waveforms equates to accidentally pushing the resonance all the way up, causing that needle piercing soundwave > that shit ƒuck!n hurts

add my +1 to that

Take them from good quality vst demos ;)

Gimme a simple waveform editor, very basic.
I’m going to try out the Angular Momentum Freehand, thx for the tip.

+1 … whatever it may means

Yeah this is needed.

Just something basic in the sampler.

Sine generator and a pitching tool with adjustable semi-tones (like the synth engine in Sound Forge).

Sub bass and Kick drums could be synthed in house. Nice.


If you want something that INSTANT, then just download AutoHotKey or any other macro-making software and create a custom macro that loads the sine.wav from a given directory on your HD (or at least opens the directory with different waveforms for you to select from) once you press the assigned key.


Yeah, I agree. No need to clutter up the rns interface with fluff. Just make your own library of basic waveforms. I use audition > generate tones for that.


formula to sample/envelopes ain’t fluff!.. and could simply be added to the context menu, no clutter required.

Bloat, then.

it wouldn’t increase the exceutable size in any meaningful way, it wouldn’t slow down any operations not using it, it wouldn’t take up any screen estate… bloat?? :blink: :lol: how much does adobe audition weigh? how much would a function to turn forumulas into samples/envelopes weigh? you’re kidding, right?

This to me is an excellent idea. Seems pretty old school and wicked. It is the kind of thing I would run into when I was a kid, messing with old audio software and think, “what is this for? it seems dark and interesting”

I say, include it. It would only need to be a case of right clicking on a blank area in a fresh instrument in the sample editor, and selecting Generate > Wave > Sine. A dialog would appear and you can select the length and frequency


Then add Pitch bending capabilities like in Sound Forge and we are laughing! Bye Bye external editor!!!

Well OK it would be cool I suppose, but there are much higher priority things to do IMO.
This wouldn’t really enable you to do anything new with Renoise, it’d just be a handy shortcut.

Point taken, and I agree, it’s not really urgent, but:

Using formulas to create automation/instrument envelopes certainly would be new…

… but then again modulating envelopes/LFO’s by envelopes would be even cooler: why use sin(x) to create an envelope, you could use an LFO?..

… hey! Imagine an fx device with one parameter. That parameter determines the current current point on the Y axis. Now hook up an LFO to that parameter, and hit “render to sample”…

(and use the formula power to create the custom envelope for that LFO hehe :P :) )

Ultimatively, I think some kind of scripting language to generate/mangle/react to sound would rock super muchly. Add an API to create GUI frontends for those scripts… Renoise 3000!


Indeed, it’s a massive project for the developers, but it would open up a whole world of procedural goodness only previously available to hardcore MAX/MSP nerds.

Some good discussion here:

+1 to adding waveform drawing. I don’t like the idea of adding an internal synthesizer, and i don’t even care about presets. But being able to draw waveforms ++++

uhhh… MilkyTracker anyone?
with VST hosting, MIDI out and synchronized recording, generating simple waveforms seems a little silly. maybe it’s my own personal bias as I don’t do chiptunes and if I did I’d probably do it in something more primitive.

I think waveform drawing would be a lot handier. like when fixing loops, for example.

+1 on the scripting too, but moreso for event/MIDI processing and batch jobs than things like drawing in a sine wave.