A Small Problem With Superwave P8

Decided to ask if someone else is having this same problem as I… I like the synth (Superwave P8) very much, awesome sound and nice effects and all…
But a small annoying problem is, that everytime I load a preset that I have modified before saving, it sounds like a plain “beep”. After reloading (just select another instrument and then switch back to the original) the instrument, it sounds just like I had modified it to, buy this realoading is annoying with many instruments in a song… and btw. all the preset load up fine if I had used them in my song. :(

so anyone know a solution for this? :huh:

take a look here I’ve noticed this one to. It’s fixed for the next release, but when this is i don’t know.


Next build release is very-very soon !
At last problem w Reaktor and many other plugs was fixed as i know…
So next release is on the output.