A Small Suggestion

Even I eat Renoise every day, I’m still hungry. So, why not to make it more tasty?
It’ll be cool, if Renoise will be:

  1. Portable, huh? - put it on any flash-drive and be ready to play/compose anywhere, anytime (no messing with OS registry; no cluttering up OS by leaving waste files; become more independent from OS)
  2. Omnivorous, huh? - eat everything you are able to feed it (Plugin Support: DX, VST3; integrated Sampler: REX, etc.)
  3. Delicious, huh? - fill it with more sugar in the future (more inner effects (DSP) and tools; spend more time at work than to find the right tool)

And you expect those detailed and specific requests to come during a Beta round?

hahaha, not really sure that anything can be more delicious than 2.8 :D

Not really good idea i think, since than we’ll loose automatic file-associations, which are pretty important…

  • there will surely be some trouble with software protection )

My request: Renoise should have an all you can eat buffet. Just putting it our there. Easy stuff.

Already possible with the Linux version isn’t it? MacOS as well???

Yep, haven’t thought about it really, coz i’m pretty windows-minded… ))

Make individual posts for requests that are fleshed out properly and make sure they go in the general suggestions group not the 2.8 suggestions group.

i think there was a script that adds .rex support (not rx2 because of licensing/difficulty).