A song called X


I love the guitar that fades in at 0:17, reminds me of The Cure and so does other parts in this song too. It could have been tighter and i think the lead guitar steels a bit too much attention some times and sound a bit ‘dry’ in a way, but otherwise a very nice track. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comments. I made this song while drunk (at least parts of it, including most of the guitar playing - not that I can play when sober), so it could be better. What happened is that I was in the process of making a normal song, verse chorus, etc, and then I decided that doing so was too boring, so I went on a different route with a tempo change and lots of synths and probably too many repetetive melodies.

I might retain the pop core of this tune and make something like a real song out of it. After all, I wrote the chords on my IKEA guitar many years ago, and I ought to use them for something.