A Sonogram For Renoise

This sonogram plugin is an excellent monitor for EQing and mixing purposes:

thanks for that.
the promisingly future development is also nice to look at…

Yeah, the next version looks very interesting. Hope it’s still being developed.


but check this thing out: http://www.elevayta.com/
look for Elevayta Extra Boy Pro.

check the mp3 examples. I’ll be making heavy use of this proggy. :w00t:

Wowzers! I’ll have to get that one.

Holy shit, that is impressive.
Pretty affordable too…

Great for stripping vocals off of 80s pop for bastard remixes methinks.

It looks like the “spectrum view” functionality from Adobe Audition, where you can apply an effect just to a frequency/time area on the sonogram selected in a selection box, so Audition (and the most recent Wavelab who copied it) is worth a look too.

Really useful…that functionality was what got me looking for a sonogram view in the first place.

I did check out the audio samples… and I can hear artifacts all over the place :( … this plugin may be useful, but it’s not nearly as good as they’re making it out to be… and I’m not quite convinced I want to pay for it ;)

wow, the tune is insane (the plug ofc aswell :P ), anyone know the artist of the demosample ?

I don’t think there is a way to fully remove artifacts.

I think that the program does a good job on filtering frequency ranges. I’d think that if you remove a vocal from a part and later put a synth on top of it, the artifacts would be imperceptible.

An example of a producer who does this a lot is Amon Tobin. If you pay attention to some of his tracks, you’ll hear the artifacts. I think he uses just plain subtractive EQing.

Also, the mp3-examples were done on mp3-material, I think the result would have sounded better if they’d used pcm-material as a source. Still, some artefacts caused by the filtering is probably hard to avoid, but as AVB suggested, in a mix with other elements it will hardly be noticable.

I’m also interested in the artist/track of that mp3-example. Soothing stuff. And yeah, the material was probably very ideal for the filtering (very panned and few instruments, voice in the middle and so on) but I was still impressed on how it manages to filter her voice, the drums etc and keep/filter the different build-stones of an instrument.

The tune is Diana Krall I think. It’s called The look of love. Don’t think it’s hers originally though.

AFter hearing it again, that recording prolly isn’t her. It’s actually a Burt Bacharach tune (figures!)


Dude that elvayta plugin kicks ass!

Yeah, you can’t entirely remove those artifacts but that Elvayta plugin does hell of a good job. Best I have ever seen so far.

yeah its free,havent tried it yet

any for mac? :s

the sonogram sg-1 looks so nice…

Not artifact free, but free and kinda sick:


Thanks for all the links guys, pretty useful. :)

i feel kind of stupid,can someone explain to me how these work?lets say if you wanna remove vocals from a sample?