A Sound Recorder Inside Renoise

Man, wouldn’t it be great, if Renoise would have a “cubase/vegas” style audio recorder inside? :yeah: Renoise would treat that sample like an ordinary one from it’s own sampler.

Awesome! :guitar: Yeah, and you would also be able to add the VST effects on it. It would be so cool! If you would want to move the sample back and forth, you would just drag it with your mouse!

Wait ! :blink: And, and if you’d like to change the beginnig and end of that sample, you would also be able to do it with your mouse, right on the tracker!

Mega… Check out a picture i have drawn: renoise tracker deluxe

… and i would finally be able to jam along with my guitar :guitar: … jang jiddy jang jiddy jiddy…

I’d be happy if it’d just be able to record sound at all…

Like fasttracker had.

It can get very annoying to have Cool Edit running in the background when making a song.


I think the problem with this echo-recorder is the latency. for a thing like that the latency would be two-times the normal latency, and anything below 10ms would be real crap …

Latency aint the problem at all… You can always figure out how long the latency is, and synch the sample (in code that is). Like Cubase or any other -like programs, you always work with latencies - short or long.

I think the developers here will find out, the latency isn’t that big of a deal.

Let’s just hope, they will get the job done, right :unsure:?