A Soundcard For Renoise ?

Hi there !

Some people tell me that soundcards are useless for me if I use Renoise with no external hardware synth or something external to my computer.

Some other people tell me the contrary : soundcards are not just in/out interfaces and they are usefull to produce a good internal sound.

So, I would like to know which of them are right, and, if a soundcard actually gives a better internal sound, maybe some of you could recommend me some good models (I’m just interested in internal audio for now, I don’t care about the in/out features of the card).

Thank you !

if you:

  • don’t record any analog external source (guitars, drums, and so on)
  • don’t use any MIDI hardware synth

you indeed don’t need anything better than a standard soundcard, but keep in mind that best soundcards are the ones which let you have the smallest latency. M-Audio Audiophile 2496 is a quite old (then cheap) valuable card, but any average soundcard ASIO capable is good.

I bought a M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 a few weeks ago too, it’s really cheap (89€ in france). The “internal” sound is not really greater than with my old soundblaster lol (to my ears i mean, i guess it’s actually better), but the latency really counts, for VST’s and midi instruments if you plan to use some.
As en example, when playing in real-time with a software guitare amp, i had a 800 ms latency with the old card. Something like 20-30 now.

lately I’ve just been using the onboard soundchip on laptop and stationary, both gives a good 11ms in directx :)
Only real bad thing is when you turn the volume up it produces noise.

was: AP2496
now: E-mu 1212M v2

btw: E-mu runs much faster with Renoise, than my old Audiophile!
And sound’t much detailed. I’m happy with it