A Storm's A Comin


Is it Hyping time already?
I have to say, this is much better than LOLcatz

Is Jesus coming, can I see a cross through those clouds? :D

Also thread title reminds me of Ninja Scroll which is win.

Don’t tease me, bro!

EDIT: Cool, when did I become “Super Advanced Member”? :D

There are few certainties in this existance. One is Jubei. One is Renoise.

I dunno Bantai… why don’t you use your godly forum powarz and fix it already? :P

I hate prayers ;)

Huh? :blink:

I hope the new version has some live-playing enhancing features, am starting to gig again in January next year and have no interest in Ableton or learning Traktor.

How about Cubase?

One is LOLcats.

Ok, so no midi controllable gui/pattern-playlist then in the new Renoise. I stopped using Cubase when they started to bloat with SX, so no thank you.

Hey, so will I, and neither am I. Not just playing a bunch of loops is so much more interesting.
I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the new release :wink:

i can’t contain myself much longer :w00t:

when the feck can we try this :D

Just noticed the Renoise logo in your image Byte-Smasher. Haha, cool.

Quick, everyone start the rain dance.

Renoise rewired into Ableton is pretty nice.

I’m a complete DJ n00b but Traktor is really easy :)