A T-Shirt With The Word "Website" Printed Across The Chest

A T-Shirt With The Word “Website” Printed Across The Chest:

The future of t-shirts is here.

Or, is that my future t-shirt is here?

Funny. Spreadshirt must be in the air tonight. I’m currently tweaking some settings on my own store :)

Oh? What’s your store address?

Basically, this isn’t really a store. Instead of hiring a silk screener and whatever, some friends and I just upload shirts and buy them from ourselves.

I used to be in a crew called “Ribcage” when I was a teenager. The other shirts in that store are for that reason; for the people who were in the crew. But, I guess anyone is free to but them.

The “website” shirt, I just thought was too awesome, and decided to share.

Could work if they put two click-here buttons at strategic places :D



can anyone recommend me other sites where they sell nice t-shirts, preferably Dutch ones, where I can pay with the ‘ideal’ service (no creditcard here)?

hihi, i like it. really silly!

I roll with this

I don’t have much up there right now, just a few things I’ve been putting together this week. I’ve had the account for a while but never got around to doing much with it. I’m still experimenting with things at the moment, so I’ll probably fine-tune a few of these designs, see what else works, etc. Fun stuff!



:badteeth: :smashed:

Get paypal! (then go to threadless.com :D)

a funny one I saw recently said: “I am what Willis was talking about”

Nice designs in here.